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Don't have to go through it anymore, prepare for it!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Annual assessment interview

The annual assessment interview is often experienced as a burden. The appointment that some employees would gladly do without: “It’s useless, no one ever listens to me! ". “Another waste of time! ". "Anyway, they'll still say there's no budget for raises." Additionally, it can be a major source of stress as you will be assessed by your line manager, that person you may only meet once or twice a year.

Format each of your headings below to Heading 2 to keep your post neat and SEO-friendly.

1-UPDATE ON THE PAST YEAR Evaluation of your missions by your hierarchy Achievement of your goals The training or coaching you have received Difficulties encountered in your missions, or within the team The workload (apart from the workload-specific interview for fixed-day agreements) The quality of life at work

Coach Tip: Your preparation is key.

I advise you before this appointment to prepare it: self-assess yourself…

Self-assessment allows the employee to prepare for the interview by reflecting on his argument.

Either with the self-assessment model already in place in the company, or using the missions listed in your job description or your employment contract, evaluate each of your tasks as well as your interactions with others. other services.

This preparation enriches the interview because it allows, on D-Day, to compare the perception of the manager with that of the employee. This work also plays a certain role in self-esteem.

So take matters into your own hands in order to display a more assertive posture during the interview.

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