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Remote worke: adaptation of myth to reality

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Telework is a form of work organization that aims to optimize the performance of the company through 2 vectors: Improvement of the Quality of Life at Work of the employee, Minimization of business costs. Supporting greater flexibility between their personal life and their professional life, employees see this organization as a godsend. But to what extent would telework contribute to a better Quality of Life at Work? As an HR Manager, I have often praised the merits of setting up telework in the company. However, ¾ of the time, my employers were not ready. "It's not in the culture of the company" I was told. In my opinion, what was really not in the culture of the company was the support for change. And in this case, teleworking was scary.


1. Managerial Organization:

Remote work ? Why not. But what are the objectives? And what positions are involved? Teleworking presupposes a managerial culture based on objectives. On the one hand, the manager must know the missions of the teleworked position. On the other hand, he ensures, apart from the establishment of intermediate objectives, planned feedback and reporting from the teleworker. Telework turns out to be a profound indicator of the quality of management.

2. Personal organization of the teleworker:

During a day of teleworking, it is essential to divide the time slots to be devoted to work on the one hand, and to private time on the other. Indeed, just like in the workplace, the solicitations (or distractions) can be numerous. So beware of procrastination.

An organization of iron is in-dis-pen-sand. Otherwise, the professional and personal tasks will tend to overlap. But the reverse is just as common. Telecommuters often work late and in the presence of family members. Also, be sure to determine your schedules: limit your professional scope.

3. Warning: backlash:

Let's not forget the right to disconnect. Because, if many employees aspire to telework for a better balance between private life and professional life, it would be wise to enlighten them on the fact that unorganized telework can, on the contrary, considerably (re)imbalance the balance for the benefit… of their life. professional !

Not all individuals have the same appetite or the same ability to function in these new ways of working. This professional transition must be supported.

Tame your telework by keeping in mind that successful telework is organized and reasoned telework!

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