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Ben Farell


I´m Ben Farell,
your Virtual Assistant

Everyone has their own formula

Management | Consulting | Growth

Reinventing Virtual Assistance

Global pandemic, recession, disrupted markets, lack of direction - There are many reasons the business world turns remote. new Whatevery your business modell is like, my virtual assistance will drive efficiency, shape course and set new goals.

Elevate your business into another orbit!

My Services

Your attitude, more than your aptitude, determines your altitude. Browse our virtual Assitiance services and see how our support can drive your project forward.


Trust and the key to success, we build your goals together, I supports your reflection, from the upstream phase of defining the new reference system

Coaching & Consulting

Develop new management methods, to spread agility, trust and co-responsibility at all levels.


Each partner is unique, we adapt our technique according to each one to accelerate the strategic learning of your talents.

We Go Above and Beyond

Project Management

From Micro to Macro, your project in best hands with our remote project management plans.


You want a 4x higher earnings per share growth rate for companies with highly engaged workforces? Talk to me!


Running a company comes along with a multitude of administrative tasks. I can coordinate, outsource and manage on your behalf.

User Experience

First Class user experience is your venture's digital gold. I can help with planing and implementing the necessary steps.

Networking and Growth

From User management to HR Services, I develop strategies and management plans to run your teams or scale your HR

360° Business Scaling

I am scaling your business towards projected targets and business goals.

About me

My roots are in business management and HR consulting. The idea to provide my services as a virtual assistant were born out of necessity for online support and remote business management in times of rapid change of the business world. Today I know that only accurate management and a learning corporate culture can really bring business to fruition. I'll take care of that.

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Tel: 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois St. 

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